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Artemis Ridge Custom Home

Asheville, NC
CUSTOM • 5 Bed, 5 Bath • 5,780 sq/ft
License #66905 • Rob Carlton • 828-274-7554 • Carlton-Edwards.com

Special Features:

  • Timeless, approachable design highlighting natural elements 
  • Large cantilever roofs over entry and deck
  • Floor to ceiling window and doors highlight mountain views
  • Boulders set into patios and stone cladding
  • “Hidden” powder room, pantry, and garage doors
  • Curated art, furniture, and interior design

Reasons to see this Home:

“This was a unique opportunity to create a space for the homeowner to enjoy and share the immersive natural landscape, long mountain views, and their extensive art collection. The entire project was built to the highest standard of the craft.”

The gravity-defying cantilevers, floor to ceiling windows and doors, boulders integrated into patios, impeccable finishes, art, and furnishings complete this visual feast.

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Carlton-Edwards is an assemblage of architects, designers, and builders, specializing in highly custom projects with an emphasis
on material detail and inspired finishes.


For more information on this home contact: Rob Carlton | 828-274-7554 | Carlton-Edwards.com

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