Renewed Spaces Entry Form

As homeowners throughout Western North Carolina invest in their current homes, the popularity of renovations and remodeling projects continue to rise. In fact, 54% of attendees polled on the 2018 Parade indicated they were in the market to remodel their current home in the next 12 – 36 months. Don’t miss this avenue of gaining quality leads for your business.

Previously known as ‘Special Projects’, Renewed Spaces is a dedicated section within the Parade of Homes Event for builders to highlight a specific project in a newly constructed home or remodeling project. Projects can include kitchen makeovers, outdoor living spaces, bathroom renovations, exterior remodels, and more.

Renewed Spaces may be submitted in partnership with an Associate Member Company like a supplier or subcontractor. For example, recruit your cabinet designer, flooring specialist, landscaper or other company to partner up on this valuable marketing opportunity.

This section will be displayed on a 1/2 (half) page template and will feature a project description, estimated cost of project, category, project photos, up to 3 logos and builders contact info. All information will also be available on the Parade of Homes Website and will be included in the Parade Viewer’s Choice Awards.

Renewed Spaces will not have a physical location published and will not to be open to the public to view/tour during the Parade. These entries will be included in the print publication and online. The builder is responsible for gaining prior consent from homeowners to use any photos of occupied space for entry.

2019 Renewed Spaces Entry Deadline: July 13, 2019
Renewed Spaces Fee: $675