Adams and Adams Construction Group, LLC

Albemarle Park Revival • Project Cost: Custom

About this Project:

This exquisite whole home renovation is a 1912 Colonial Revival in the Albemarle Park neighborhood. Adams and Adams restored historical accuracy to the home along side modern technology. Just a few items renovated are: Replaced historically inaccurate light fixtures with newly-wired antique light fixtures and commissioned local artisans to create blown glass globes to match antique globes. Replaced light switches and covers with antique push button switches and brass covers. Replaced historically inaccurate doors and knobs with antiques. A sleeping porch was upfitted to an en-suite master bath. Custom designed and built period style kitchen cabinets. Custom milled all baseboard, window and door trim in house to match original. Salvaged the original kitchen flooring and reused throughout. Upgraded energy performance, reducing envelope leakage 69.5%. Commissioned a local art conservator to repair and restore mural by artist Sallie Ellington Middleton. Truly a stunning transformation!

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