Welcome to the 2022 WNC Parade of Homes!

In this, our 41st Annual Parade of Homes, we invite you to enter the doors of 32 beautifully crafted homes throughout Western North Carolina. This FREE, self-guided tour of newly constructed homes and complete remodels will leave you with the inspiration and resources you need to build your dream home or plan for your next big project. While most homes will be open for in-person tour, all homes will be accessible virtually. Don’t worry about rushing from home to home as they will all be available for tour online all year. Experience the finest in quality craftsmanship, the latest trends in home design, and connect with our areas talented building professionals. From innovative building technologies to cutting-edge homes, you won’t be disappointed!

Tour In-Person

The in-person tour dates will be the weekends of October 8-9 and 15-16. There will be 21 homes open to the public between the hours of 11 AM – 5 PM. NO TICKETS necessary – all you need is a Parade Magazine.

  1. Pick up a Parade Publication at any of these locations in Western North Carolina, the first week of October – or – you can utilize our online magazine. Each home also has a stack of physical magazines as well.
  2. Get directions – we have a Google Map with home addresses already entered. NOTE – All homes have directions in the magazine that will lead you to the homes, as some homes don’t appear on google maps.
    Two of the in-person homes require shuttles.
  3. Plan your route – since there is a limited time period plan your way to maximize your time. You do not have to start at home 1. Visit whichever home you wish to see the most and then move on to the closest.
  4. Dress comfortably – some homes may require walking on a variety of landscapes, or you may have to walk further from your parking.  The builders ask that you remove your shoes or wear covers (when provided) to protect their client’s home.
  5. Gather Inspiration – Talk to the builders and representatives, ask permission to take photos. On page 117 of the publication you will find a page to take notes on your favorite aspects of the home. Tag the Asheville Home Builders on social media, and use the hashtag #WNCParadeofHomes so we can share as well.
  6. Follow basic Guidelines– Take off your shoes, or use shoe covers when in a home if requested by builder. Do not go in rooms market off limits. Do not go through home owners things, and be respectful of their space. Please don’t let children run, jump on furniture, or be too loud. Respect your other tour goers.

Tour Virtually

Matterport Virtual Tour Instructions

  1. Press “Play” to open tour showcase
  2. Using icons at bottom left, select viewing mode:
    1. Play = Starts video walking tour
    2. Walking Figure = interactive mode: advance using a cursor click – hold cursor down to turn around and change point of view
    3. Dollhouse = 3D model
    4. Floor Plan = Overview of each floor
    5. Floor Selector = move quickly from floor to floor
  3. Press square on bottom right to open full screen